Revision Resources

Some revision resources that can be used electronically or printed to help students learn their course/revise/study for exams.

The key to exam success is breaking information down into more manageable, memorable chunks. These resources operate on that principle and so, when used as part of regular timetabled revision should help students remember information quickly and successfully.

  1. Glossary of Key Terms: create one of these for every topic. List ass subject specific key terms and check that you are able to define each of the key terms when starting revision for each topic. In the exam, you may get asked to define a key term so make sure you know your terms inside out. Ask family members/friends to test you, create a set of match up cards to help you memorise terms. Download file here:  Glossary of terms
  2. Star Words: this is a fantastic resource for helping students to remember the key words associated with a research study and theories. Follow the instructions of the revision handout which can be Downloaded here: Star Words
  3. Research Study Revision Sheet: this helps students to remember the key elements of research studies using the structure; aim, procedure, findings and conclusion. This revision sheet also has a section for a summary of key evaluation. Download the document here: Bubble Summary of Research Mind Map
  4. Theory Revision Sheet: Similar to the revision sheet for research (above) only adapted to allow for revision of a theory. Download resource here: Bubble Theory and Evaluation Summary Sheet 2016
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