Welcome to The Psychology Hub! My name is Katie and I have been teaching Psychology for over 10 years. To find out more about me, you can read the info below.

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Since opting to study psychology at A level I have held a love and passion for the subject. I enjoyed every minute of completing my degree at university, whilst enrolled on the psychology undergraduate course I specifically developed a keen interest in cognitive and social psychology and psychopathology. I thoroughly enjoyed completing my dissertation in cognitive psychology looking at the effects of social contagion. After graduating from university I enrolled immediately on a PGCE course – I was eager to become a qualified teacher so that I was able to share my love and passion for psychology with others!

My PGCE course led me into my first paid job teaching psychology (I was offered employment at the Ofsted rated outstanding college in which I had completed my teacher training experience). Natural career progression has led me to teaching at other high performing colleges in which I have had the experience of setting up a new psychology department and have been promoted to department leader. I have been teaching psychology for over 10 years and have developed many strategies to help support psychology students with a variety of learning needs and requirements. This website has been created in order to share my resources and revision tips to help students succeed with their psychology A level.

In addition, as a teacher I understand the demands of the profession – planning, marking, parents and open evenings etc… whilst also trying to maintain a work/life balance. Sometimes teachers need a helping hand, therefore, the ‘teacher’s resources’ part of this website, is intended to help support teachers at this very demanding time by sharing some of my tried and tested resources which help students to develop the key skills in order to succeed in Psychology A level.

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