• Use the notes on this website to create Mind Maps, Cue Cards, Glossaries of key terms etc
  • REMEMBER – Its not just about creating revision resources – you need to learn these resources and be able to recall them, without the aid of the resource
  • Ensure that any description you write as part of an essay is both accurate and detailed.
  • When writing evaluation it is important that you use a perfect paragraph rule (something like PEE (Point, Evidence/Example, Elaborate) or PEEL).
  • The exam-board don’t award marks for the number of evaluation points stated. Marks are awarded for quality not quantity – using PEE/PEEL will ensure you write quality evaluation paragraphs.
  • For a 16 mark essay, include no less than three evaluation paragraphs
  • It is difficult to say how many A4 pages a student should write for their 16 mark essay (the size of our handwriting is different).
  • It is hard to remember so many paragraphs of evaluation – learning how to use and apply the PEE/PEEL paragraphs effectively can help to cut down your revision – don’t aim to remember the paragraphs word for word, learn how to formulate the perfect paragraphs and then all you will need to remember is the additional research to support/refute the AO1 you have described.
  • You can use research methods as part of your evaluation also – having a good knowledge of research methods can also help to cut down your revision. However, it is important that you don’t rely completely on using research methods to evaluate in your essays. Showing that you have a knowledge of additional research/studies is also important and will help you to get the best grade possible.

The Key Assessment Objectives:

Key Exam Tip!! 

Remember, when outlining a study, in order to achieve the highest possible AO1 marks, it is important that your description is both accurate and detailed! In order to ensure that you include all the necessary details when you are describing a study, make sure you outline the studies AIM, PEOCEDURE, FINDINGS and CONCLUSION (the APFC method).

Key Exam Tip!! One of the questions you may get asked in the exam is to outline (a study, theory, definition etc…)

This type of question is looking at your ability to meet Assessment Objective 1 – AO1 for short.

In order to achieve the highest possible mark in one of these AO1 questions, it is important that you outline the study/theory/definition in an accurate and detailed manner.

Key Exam Tip!! Another type of question that you may get asked in the exam is to evaluate (a study, theory etc…)

This type of question is looking at your ability to meet Assessment Objective 3 – AO3 for short. In order to achieve the highest possible mark in one of these AO3 questions, it is important that you evaluate effectively. Many psychology teachers encourage their students to use a perfect paragraph method in order to evaluate effectively (something along the lines of the P.E.E rule – Point, Evidence/Example and Elaborate.).

Click this perfect paragraph link in order to learn about the P.E.E rule. Practice implementing this rule as part of your revision.

Download Section

Glossary of Key Terms:

Create one of these for every topic. List as subject specific key terms and check that you’re able to define each of the key terms when starting revision for each topic. In the exam, you may get asked to define a key term, so make sure you know your terms inside out. Ask family members/friends to test you, create a set of match up cards to help you memorise terms.

Download file here:  Glossary of terms

Star Words Revision Sheet

This is a fantastic resource for helping students to remember the key words associated with a research study and theories.

Follow the instructions of the revision handout which can be downloaded below:

Download file here: Star Words

Research Study Revision Sheet

This helps students to remember the key elements of research studies using the structure; aim, procedure, findings and conclusion.

This revision sheet also has a section for a summary of key evaluation.

Download file here: Bubble Summary of Research Mind Map

Theory Revision Sheet

Similar to the revision sheet for research, only it has been adapted to allow for revision of a theory.

Download file here: Bubble Theory and Evaluation Summary Sheet 2016

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