How To Maintain Your Revision Discipline

Exams are the bane of many a student’s life. Everyone has to take them, but some find them an ordeal, especially when it comes to preparing for them. 

 It is obvious that the better your A level psychology revision, the more equipped you will be when you walk into the exam room. However, the fact that this is a no-brainer does not stop revision being hard for some

Whether it is a mental block about exams, distraction or a battle with willpower, for some it can seem very hard to maintain the necessary discipline.

However, there are many things you can do to help maintain your revision discipline

  • Change your environment. Some people find it very hard to revise at home because of the activities of other people or the presence of TVs, electronic gadgets or other items of interest. That is why it can be very helpful to find somewhere like a library, where all is peaceful and the environment is geared up for study
  • Planning and organisation: By planning ahead, you can schedule everything in your day and ensure you have specific set blocks of time for revising. That way, other things you might want to do can be done at specific times while you ringfence the hours when you revise.
  • Reward yourself: If revising seems like an ordeal, treat yourself. Whether it is a sweet treat, a fun activity or meeting a friend, make this something you can do on condition that you first get a set amount of revision in.
  • Set routines: If you have several days to revise in a row, it makes sense to set a standard routine. This way you can make it completely normal to revise at certain hours of the day. If, for instance, you can spend three hours this way on Monday afternoon, you can do the same on Tuesday onwards and then – hey presto – you did 15 hours by Friday.

These are just some of the ways you can be organised, disciplined and dedicated. It won’t guarantee an A, but it will certainly give you the best possible chance.

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