Social Change

The information below indicates the sequence by which social change occurs — take note of the real life links.

(AO1, Description) Drawing Attention — through social proof: This involves alerting society to the groups views and belief system.

(AO2, Application) — Civil Rights marches drew attention to the segregation based on colour.

(AO1, Description) Consistency: — A group wanting social change must be consistent in their approach.

(AO2, Application) — Repeated Civil rights marches displayed consistent message and intent.

(AO1, Description) — Deeper processing: Attention being drawn to a situation causes those who had simply accepted the status quo to begin questioning their own views and beliefs.

(AO1, Description) — Augmentation Principle: A group member performs an action when there are known constraints (suffer for cause).

(AO2, Application) — ‘Freedom riders’ were mixed racial groups who got on buses in the south to challenge the fact that black people had to sit separately.

(AO1, Description) — The snowball effect: This is when people begin to adopt the beliefs of the social change group as their own.

(AO2, Application) — Civil rights activists, like Martin Luther King, gradually got the attention of the government.

(AO1, Description) — Social Cryptoamnesia: Social change has occurred and people know a change has occurred but can’t remember how it happened.

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