Aggression  – Paper 3

Please find below useful teaching resources that I have used and found effective throughout my teaching career. These resources are things that I have created myself or that I have adapted from other shared teaching resource websites, from CPD meetings, shared ideas with teaching colleagues etc… I do not claim that all these resources are my ‘original ideas,’ some have been created and designed by myself, others have been adapted through sharing good practice over the years that I have been teaching. I’m sharing these resources to support Psychology teachers in a time when pressures are high with increasing demands for planning, marking, supporting students. I hope this allows teachers to have a good work/life balance and enables you to continue your love of classroom teaching.

  • Neural and Hormonal Explanations of Aggression Resources
  • Genetic Explanations of Aggression Resources
  • Ethological Explanations of Aggression Resources
  • Social Psychological Explanations of Aggression Resources
  • Institutional Aggression Resources
  • Media Influences on Aggression Resources