All the resources on this website have been produced using the exam board recommended text books for the Psychology AQA Specification. After many years of teaching I have carefully considered each endorsed AS/A level textbook and have used (what I consider to be) the best parts of each (from both previous and current textbook editions) in order to produce a resource that I feel will guide any AS/A level student through their studies effectively and with ease. Using this strategy in the production of my teaching notes has gained many students top AS/A level grades (A-C). Over the years I have taught hundreds of Psychology students and I am very aware that A levels cause students a great deal of stress and anxiety. With this is mind, I have decided to make my teaching notes available to all A level students in an attempt to help others with their studies and revision. For me, sharing good practice has always been an essential part of my teaching career, this website is therefore my contribution to the teaching/academic world, this is my way of sharing good practice far and wide. I hope you find these notes useful and I hope that they support your studies/teaching practice like they have benefited my students and supported my teaching practice. Happy studying! Happy teaching!


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